IDC Course & Exam Dates

IDC Course & Exam Dates 2017

Month  IDC  IE
 January January 11th – 22nd January 24th & 25th
 February February 7th – 18th February 23rd & 24th
 March March 9th – 20th March 23rd & 24th
 April April 4th – 15th April 20th & 21st
 May May 10th-21st May 25th & 26th
 June June 6th – 17th June 22nd & 23rd
 July July 4th – 15th July 20th & 21st
 August August 8th – 19th August 24th & 25th
 September September 9th – 18th September 21st & 22nd
 October Ocober 3rd – 14th October 19th & 20th
 November November 8th – 19th November 23rd & 24th
 December December 5th – 16th December 21st & 22nd

Two days before the IE on Roatan there will be the IE on our neighbor island of Utila. In case PADI will cancel the IE on Roatan you will attend to the IE on Utila two days earlier on short notice. If the exam does end up being on Utila we will provide transport to and from the island including full logistical support from our staff.

IE_smallIDC = Instructor Development Course

IE = Instructor Examination

For those candidates only needing segments of the IDC or wanting to do the Assistant Instructor or EFR Instructor only we can schedule you in with our normal IDC or depending upon time and availability offer a special one-on-one course. For more information on this please contact us at [email protected]

Time may not allow you to complete a full MSDT Prep Course so we can also offer specialty instructor training. Divemasters and Assistant Instructors may enroll in Specialty Instructor training for: Digital Underwater Photography and Emergency Oxygen Provider courses prior to their IDC.
Master Instructors may also benefit from a one-on-one CDTC Preparation Course.

Take the plunge with us and let the Instructor Development Course be your next step in the world of professional diving!