PADI Beginner Scuba Experience on the Caribbean Island of Roatan

Roatan with its calm, clear caribbean water, abundant coral and marine life, as well as a big variety of dive sites offers the ideal conditions to learn how to dive!

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PADI Discover Scuba Diving

discover-scubaAsk about a FREE Discover Scuba experience in the hotel pool.  You will take your first breaths underwater under the close supervision of an experienced dive Instructor. Even children as young as 8 years can try scuba diving in the pool.

Discover Scuba Diving $95 (includes equipment rental and free dive insurance during training)

discover-divingIf you have never been scuba diving before, now is the time to do an introductory dive on the splendid reef of Roatan!  This program allows those who have never tried it to safely experience the thrill of scuba diving.  You will watch a short video and after a brief orientation from the Instructor practice a few basic skills in the swimming pool before you go on an actual dive under the close supervision of an Instructor.  This experience may change your lifestyle forever!

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Entry level PADI Scuba Diving Certifications

PADI Scuba Diver $295 (includes training material, equipment rental, certification & free dive insurance during training)

If you don’t have enough time to take a full certification course, or you don’t want to dive without the supervision of a Divemaster or Instructor the PADI Scuba Diver Course is the right choice for you!  During the course you will learn and practice some basic dive knowledge and skills in the swimming pool, following which you would have two Open Water training dives.

This course can be done in only two days.
The minimum age is 10 years.

After the course you will be issued the PADI Scuba Diver Certification Card.  The Scuba Diver certification allows you dive under the supervision of a Divemaster to a maximum depth of 40 feet.  It can be upgraded to the full Open Water certification at any time in the future!

PADI Open Water Diver $420 (includes training material, equipment rental, certification & free dive insurance during training)

The PADI Open Water Diver is the most popular diver program in the world – and your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure!  You’ll learn about scuba fundamentals, equipment and techniques.  Plus you’ll practice valuable dive skills in the swimming pool or in a shallow spot on Roatan’s reef.  This course consists of four Open Water training dives.

In as little as 3 to 4 days you can get your certification to dive anywhere in the world.  Learn in your own pace with the Open Water Diver manual and video under the supervision of your instructor or start right now online.  The course is structured so that you may progress according to your own individual ability. Your Instructor will take you diving on your first day of the course.

The course takes between 3 and 4 days.
The minimum age is 10 years.

Example for Open Water Course daily schedule:

Day 1: Academics – confined water dive 1 – open water dive 1 (this day is equivalent to the Discover Scuba Dive)
Day 2: Academics – confined water dive 2 & 3 – open water dive 2 (day 1 & 2 gives you the rating of PADI Scuba Diver)
Day 3: Academics – confined water dive 4 & 5 – open water dive 3
Day 4: Exam – Open water dive 4
Day 5: National Geographic Diver Course only Open Water dive 5 & 6

Note: The course is performance based, not time based.  Some students may finish the course in 3 days while others may need 5 days.  The student has to study the materials prior to the course.

PADI eLearning is a convenient option to study the theory at home rather than during your Roatan vacation. Note: additional charges apply.

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PADI Open Water Referral (includes certification, a 50% discount on equipment rental and free dive insurance during training)

Price depends on how much has to be done.  For example the four OW dives cost $240.00, but if you require fewer dives then the price will be lower.

Under PADI Standards you can do any part of a PADI course in one shop and finish up your course in another.  If you did your Academic and/or Confined Water part of the Open Water Course in your hometown you can finish your Open Water dives with us in the crystal clear Caribbean waters of Roatan!

If you started your training with an organization other than PADI, we require an additional pool dive ($30) to assess your dive skills and a review of your diving knowledge.  You will be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver.

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Please note that listed prices do not include taxes.